FAQ data protection


What type of hosting is used for the live server?

Our live server is operated by an external hosting provider. The server meets the highest security requirements. The company is ISO-certified.


Which encryptions are used in TextLab?

All data exchanged with the TextLab server is encrypted with SSL. The texts that users store in the archive are encrypted separately and can only be reopened by the users themselves. Passwords are encrypted with the sha256 algorithm and then saved in the TextLab database.


FAQ login


I can’t login anymore! What can I do?

What kind of message do you get, when you try to login?

Please enter valid credentials!

  • Is your password spelled correctly? If you are not sure, please use the “forgot password” functionality. This will give you a link to reset your password. Please note: If you enter the password incorrectly four times, your access will be automatically blocked.
  • Is your username correct? Please note that username and password are case sensitive. You can also check if you accidently copied a space before or after the username or password. This can also lead to incorrect recognition of user data.

Your access was blocked – please contact the administrator!

Your access is no longer activated – probably because you entered the wrong password too often. Please contact us directly so we can reactivate your access. You can get in touch with us via info@comlab-ulm.de or +49 731 932 84-17.

Your access has expired!

An expiration date was set for your account and this has now been exceeded. The most likely reasons are:

  • You had a trial account for TextLab. Your testing period is over now.
  • Your TextLab license has been cancelled or was not renewed. It’s best to talk to your colleagues about what was agreed upon. If you still need your licence, please contact us!


FAQ Word plugin


For which operating systems are the plugins suitable?

Currently, the TextLab plugins are only available for Windows. In Windows, we support the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Word and Outlook.


Are the plugins compatible with Office 365?

If you are using the locally installed version of Office 365, you can basically use the plugins as well. However, we have not yet carried out an extensive test series with this version. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the plugins will work properly for this version. We currently support the Office versions 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019.


Which ports do I have to unlock in the firewall to make the plugin work?

In order to allow the plugin to communicate with the live server, the following ports must be unlocked in the firewall:

  • TCP Port 98 - The login port used for the authentication to TextLab.
  • The TCP ports 51824 through 51829 - These are the ports that are used, among others, for analysis procedures. A user is automatically assigned to one of these ports when logging in. There are several of these ports to enhance traffic load.

In case you also need the IP for the domain:


What do I have to consider if I want to connect the Word plugin to a proxy server?

There are two ways to configure the plugin for your proxy server: You can either enter the proxy server directly in the plugin settings. Or, you can store the information in appSettings inside TextLabWordPlugin.dll.config. This configuration file can be found in the installation directory of the plugin.

In both cases, you can decide whether to use the system proxy server or to determine settings of a special proxy server.

Since many proxy servers only accept encoded connections, please make sure to use the encoded version of TextLab as your destination address (https).